Ilias Pantelias

Composer / Producer / Sound Designer

Bio:Ilias Pantelias based in Athens, Greece, is a producer, composer and sound designer.One of the co-founders of Broken Strings Music, he has honed his craft in creating a distinctive dark-dystopian sound, serving as the team's primary composer.In his personal work, he seamlessly blends neoclassical and contemporary drama elements, incorporating folk instruments from the Mediterranean region, resulting in a captivating neo-Mediterranean cinematic sound.Activity:With 14+ years of producer/sound designer activity, his professional engagements in the music industry represent a wide range of productions, including big-budget films to award-winning documentaries, and album productions by established contemporary and world music artists.Since 2019 he has been extensively involved in library music, collaborating with Extreme Music and Float Music UK. Additionally, he's the main in-house composer/producer for two media production/advertisement companies, Cinecreed and Sub.urban images and soundscapes.

Neo-Classical / Contemporary World

Obsidian Shores

A blend of historical drama, adventure, and post-apocalyptic intrigue. Neo-Mediterranean combines classical elegance with contemporary world influences.Ideal for documentaries, advertisements, and post-apocalyptic drama productions


The Living World

Featuring soaring cellos, organic light textures, and ethereal voices, Living World weaves musical tales that resonate with the essence of life.Ideal for documentaries, advertisements, and documentary trailers.

Trailer Cues / Dark Classical
Middle-Eastern Dystopian
Post-Apocalyptic Vikings

Lands of Despair

Immerse yourself in haunting dark Gregorian chants and immerse in the eerie, dystopian soundscapes of "Lands of Despair." This album combines dark classical melodies with the foreboding essence of Middle Eastern dystopia and the ferocity of post-apocalyptic Vikings.Ideal for trailer cues, horror films, and productions requiring a chilling atmosphere that transcends genres


Intimacy & Piano

A record of true beauty. Introspective and sensitive piano performances that embrace the space and silence in between notes. Intimacy & Piano is a remarkable modern classical album, with sparing and subtle electronics - celestial reverbs and textures that heighten the experience in a refined way.

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